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How it works


Send out questions.

Send status updates, one-on-ones, and weekly wins via email or Slack.


Your team responds.

Answering questions through our interface is quick and easy.


Everyone stays updated.

Team members can comment and react to each others' responses.

Product features

Automated questions and reminders

Stay up-to-date on your team's priorities and blockers without having to do anything. Never miss a chance to hear from your team even when things get super busy.

Proven question templates

Our curated templates are based off of best practices, provide the best insights for managers, and lead to a more engaged team.

Fun social questions

Have your team members get to know each other better through fun social questions. When team members build trust, they work better together.

Reactions, comments, and mentions

Team members can comment and give reactions to responses allowing for more in-depth discussions. You can give shout-outs to other team members through mentions.

Private one-on-one questions

Our one-on-one questions are curated and proven. Responses are only seen by the manager and drastically improve the quality of in-person meetings.

Manager dashboard and export

Have all of your team's responses in one place, discover trends, and easily share highlights via email or Google Docs.

Slack integration

Don't use email? Deliver your questions, reminders, and notifications via our Slack integration.

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