Humble Dot

Cultivate a High-Performing Team

Humble Dot is a software tool that helps managers automate best team processes.
You'll gain deeper insights into your team while saving time.

"The pathway leading to the result is very important to people over and above the result itself."
― Joel Brockner, The Process Matters

How It Works

  1. Schedule a recurring check-in with questions from one of our templates or customize your own. On average, managers only take approximately 5 minutes to get setup.
  2. Your team completes the check-in, and depending on the type of check-in, they will receive everyone's answers to provide additional feedback or productive discussion points.
  3. We aggregate all of your team's results and keep your information all in one place for easy referencing.
sentiment analysis chart

Powerful Data Analysis

We use Natural Language Processing to implicitly determine how your team feels about particular subjects in their answers. Our sentiment analysis is contextual, unlike similar team tools.

We help surface potential issues and areas of team improvement from data-driven intelligence.

Unmatched Flexibility

Create as many teams as you need! Our tool is designed for both rigid and ad hoc project teams that change and expire allowing you to stay informed and organized.

Spinning up new teams and adding members takes a matter of seconds.

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Fun and Easy to Use

Team members who use Humble Dot find it easy and valuable. Our public questions allow team members to build productive discussion and sync with other team members. We provide dynamic fun questions to help build team trust through positivity.

Optimized for Common Use Cases

  • Status Updates - Start your weeks off by aligning your team with updates and blockers
  • Retrospectives - Be intentional about your team's processes, and learn where the breakdowns occur.
  • Team Pulse - Understand how team members feel about their relationships with the team as a whole.
  • 1-on-1 Agendas - Kick-start your 1-on-1s with some primed information provided by your directs.

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Testimonial nycdcp

Namon Freeman - Development and Planning Manager

NYC Department of City Planning

We use Humble Dot to engage with lead planners who are managing the agency’s land-use and planning studies. It helps us understand their weekly goals and objectives so that we can help them overcome any obstacles. Some of our project managers are even using it to get feedback from within their own teams.

It really has made it easy for me as a manager to get feedback from staff in a single platform. It creates transparency among staff and allows us to learn from one another’s successes and struggles. It has actually fostered more collaboration between teams as many of them are trying to tackle the same issues.

Testimonial survey monkey

Ben Leiken - Engineering Manager

Survey Monkey

I use Humble Dot for weekly sprint retrospectives. Every week I send a check-in out to my entire team asking for feedback on what went well and what didn’t go well. We review the results as a team every two weeks in our sprint planning meeting.

Humble Dot has improved the quality of the feedback provided and decisions made during our retrospectives. In the past, folks would find it hard to recollect everything that happened over the course of a sprint or would feel put on the spot when asked to provide in-person feedback. It lightens the burden of collecting and providing feedback.

Humble Dot makes the whole feedback process much more seamless and fun. It makes my job easier and my team happier!