How It Works

Product screenshot of template

Step 1

Pick a template to replace a meeting.

Templates are groups of customizable questions that are automatically sent to your team based on a schedule that you set.

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Step 2

You and your team respond to the questions.

Everyone will receive a link to the questions via email or Slack. Don't worry, team members don't even need to create an account!

Product screenshot of updates provided by a team member

Step 3

Everyone engages with each other's responses.

Team members can leave comments, kudos, mentions, emoji, and GIFs to stay aligned in a fun and enjoyable way.



Organized Dashboard

Easily see and access all historical responses in an organized table view.

Puzzle Hearts

Time Zone Support

Team members receive their check-ins in local time anywhere around the world.

Template Sheet

Proven Templates

Work off our best-practices or any of our proven templates to quickly get started.


Flexible Scheduling

Completely customize the question prompts, cadences, and delivery times for any check-in.

Palm Tree

Holiday Support

We let you know when a check-in falls on a holiday so you can easily reschedule it.

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Export & Share

Quickly export or share your teams updates so that outside stakeholders can stay in the loop.

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