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Managers and executives from top companies trust Humble Dot for their teams.

Photo of Ellie Feldman

Executive Team

As a managing director, it’s crucial that I know everyone is aligned and focused on the right priorities. Humble Dot has been invaluable for that.

Ellie Feldman

Managing Director, Wingman Insurance

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Photo of Grace Njihia


I went from having a 10 person team to 30. I had no idea how I was going to be able to manage all my direct-reports without sacrificing quality. Humble Dot saved me.

Grace Njihia

VP of Engineering, Africa's Talking

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Photo of Jennifer Chang

Program Management

Humble Dot has given me the ability to easily foster positivity, communication, and alignment within my team on an ongoing basis.

Jennifer Chang

Director of Program Management, Zendesk

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Photo of Thomaz Coelho

Customer Success

Humble Dot is helping my team grow closer to each other — as people and as coworkers.

Thomaz Coelho

Head of Customer Success, Pipefy

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Photo of Katlyn Marchini


I think of Humble Dot as preventative medicine. By having consistent and structured communication, we can avoid potential issues down the line.

Katlyn Marchini

Director of Operations, Replate

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Photo of Shelly Correa


Having all of my SDRs remote makes it incredibly hard to build team culture. Humble Dot has really helped keep us on the same page and build stronger connections.

Shelly Correa

Director of Business Development, Duetto

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How It Works

Product screenshot of workflow

Step 1

Pick a workflow to replace a meeting.

Workflows are groups of customizable questions that are automatically sent to your team based on a schedule that you set.

Product screenshot of question form

Step 2

You and your team respond to the questions.

Everyone will receive a link to the questions via email or Slack. Don't worry, team members don't even need to create an account!

Product screenshot of updates provided by a team member

Step 3

Everyone engages with each other's responses.

Team members can leave comments, kudos, mentions, emoji, and GIFs to stay aligned in a fun and enjoyable way.



Organized Dashboard

Easily see and access all historical responses in an organized table view.

Puzzle Hearts

Time Zone Support

Team members receive their check-ins in local time anywhere around the world.

Template Sheet

Proven Workflows

Work off our best-practices or any of our proven workflows to quickly get started.


Flexible Scheduling

Completely customize the question prompts, cadences, and delivery times for any check-in.

Palm Tree

Holiday Support

We let you know when a check-in falls on a holiday so you can easily reschedule it.

Export Icon

Export & Share

Quickly export or share your teams updates so that outside stakeholders can stay in the loop.

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