Humble Dot

Cultivate Stronger Teams.

Humble Dot is a check-in platform that helps managers cultivate stronger and more productive teams through best practices.

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Managing a team doesn't need to be a guessing game.

So much of team management is trial and error for new and even seasoned managers. Great teams do have a common thread, but it often takes managers years to find it, most never do.

Enter Humble Dot

Humble Dot is a platform that helps managers implement best practices through one-time and recurring check-ins. We help you get your team to be high-functioning through proven processes.

How does it work?

Create check-ins for your team centered around process (i.e. weekly status updates, retrospectives, 1-on-1 agendas) and collect structured data around how your team is performing alongside contextual answers from individual team members.

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Get Granular Insights

Our structured data gives you the overall picture on different facets of teamwork and the contextual answers from team members gives you actionable insight.


Where do I sign up?

We are currently in open beta, and we're onboarding new teams every week. Sign up here.