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Easily collect and share updates from your team.

Humble Dot allows you to understand everyone's priorities and needs without countless 1-on-1s and team meetings.

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Managers from top organizations use Humble Dot for their high-performing teams:

Humble Dot has given me the ability to easily foster positivity, communication, and alignment within my team on an ongoing basis.

Jennifer Chang

Director of Program Management, Product Development


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Improve visibility into priorities, blockers, and overall morale.

Never lose the pulse of your team — clearly understand what's going well and what's slowing your team down. You'll have all the insights to make the best decisions for your team.

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Build team trust and positivity.

Teams are more efficient when they support and trust each other. Our wins & shout outs allow team members to celebrate each other's achievements while our social questions give them an opportunity to learn something new about each other.

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Strengthen your relationships with direct-reports.

Solutions only surface when you ask the right questions. Our curated one-on-one questions allow you to have more productive in-person conversations with your direct-reports.

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