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Save time and hassle by keeping your team in sync through automated, lightweight status updates, one-on-ones, and weekly wins.

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Managers from top organizations use Humble Dot for their high-performing teams:

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"Humble Dot improved the quality of decisions made during our retrospective meetings. It makes my job easier and my team happier!"

Ben Leiken, Engineering Manager

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Get everyone on same page.

Answer threads keep your team aligned, making sure team members help each other when in need.

As a manager, you can create private threads with a team member for sensitive discussion topics.

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Product social questions

Foster trust and positivity.

Our curated social questions build trust between team members by giving them an opportunity to learn something new about each other.

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Save time and mental energy.

Create proven team processes with our templates and curated questions.

We automate question delivery as well as reminders via email or Slack. Getting set up only takes 5 minutes!

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